Small footprint - big possibilities

Formats and sizes

The Pop-up House may be offered as a travel trailer for people on the go, or in container format to be easily transported and placed on your site.  Available lengths could range from 20' to 40'.  When folded for transportation the unit measures 8'6" wide, so no permit is needed for transportation.

Interior space

The Pop-up House's unique lifting gable roof allows for a loft space, either over half or all of the unit.  The extending slide also increases living space along the length of the unit.  Depending on the length selected the downstairs interior area could range from approximately 210 sq/ft to 420 sq/ft.  The addition of a full loft potentially doubles that floor space.  (Only a portion of the loft area is standing height.)

Construction and comfort

The Pop-up House will be constructed out of foam core panels in order to provide the necessary strength and rigidity while ensuring a weight that can be easily transported.

Interior and exterior finishes will be customizable.

With R-values (a measure of insulation) similar to a traditional house, the Pop-up House will keep you warm in cold climates with minimum heating costs.