The Pop-up House: Freedom to move

Folds for transportation

The Pop-up House folds for easy transportation, but is simple to expand wherever you want to be. Its unique design allows it to double its transported volume, giving it an advantage over other transported homes.

True cabin aesthetic

With its patent-pending roof system, the Pop-up House is able to offer a 13.5 foot cathedral ceiling,  standing room in the loft, and expansive windows.  The cabin feel is enhanced by wood trim, gas fireplace, and french doors leading out to the deck.


The steeply sloped gable roof of the Pop-up House provides superior resistance to the elements by shedding water rather than allowing it to pool as do similar flat-roofed structures.  

With wheels or without

The Pop-up House can be built on a wheeled chassis to be used as a travel trailer or on a container base to be shipped to your site and placed on a base or foundation.  

All the amenities

With a washroom, kitchenette, and gas fireplace, you'll enjoy the comforts of your own cabin... wherever you are.

Limitless possibilities

Do you need a home office, temporary guest suite, mobile sales office or something else altogether?  Customize your Pop-up House with as few or as many amenities as you need.